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We want our clients to be able to focus on their core business, to empower continuous innovation and providing the best possible products and services for their customers. Diabol’s knowledge and expertise allows our clients to focus on the things that matters the most.
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Continuous Delivery/DevOps

Continuous Delivery is a software development methodology that allows you to release new features whenever your business needs it. In a global competitive market, time to market is key. Short release cycles allows you to release code changes with full confidence at any time which allows you to capture real-time feedback from your users back into your development process. DevOps is a driving force to achieve Continuous Delivery. By focusing on all aspects of software development, from culture and processes to software development and tooling, we are prepared to transform your organization to a lean business machine.

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From cloud readiness assessments to managed cloud hosting services with custom invoicing, we are here to help your organization get the most out of an IaaS investment. Our team can optimise your architecture, improve visibility and security while maintaining cost effective utilization.

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Change management is crucial for a successful change process in any type of organization. Our experienced change managers make it possible to put together and coordinate a complex organizational change process. We overlook and manage the process and expectations while communicating the progress with the stakeholders.

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Software development is about innovation and making new business opportunities possible. Often, software development teams are caught up in an endless loop of maintenance burden and firefighting instead of innovation. We can make sure to get your software development back on track.

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Applying lean/agile principles to your teams is the first step to Continuous Delivery. Diabol has many experienced agile coaches that are prepared to enable improved velocity and constant improvement.

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Open Source

We believe that shared knowledge is key for future innovation in our industry. We are therefore committed to contributing and promoting the latest open source technologies, both through renowned open source software projects as well as through our own projects, such as the Jenkins Delivery Pipeline plugin.


Our method/aproach

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, we are committed in leveraging all areas of your business to be able to create and seize creative ideas and turn them into profitable products and services for your customers. Our experience and expertise allows you to make most use of your entire organization’s shared knowledge to be able to release new features in a controlled and confident manner with a short release cycle that allows you to stay ahead of the competition.

Lean & Agile –
fast delivery

We take the principles of Agile & Lean and apply them to each step in the software development lifecycles. From project planning all the way to deployment and monitoring, allowing your teams to work together more effectively and get stuff done.
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