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2014-09-30 TOMMY TYNJÄ 

We have been unusually busy at Diabol during the past few months, speaking at various software conferences on a variety of Continuous Delivery related topics. We enjoy sharing our experiences and to meet new and familiar faces to discuss topics that we’re passionate about, such as Continuous Delivery, DevOps and automation.

We have also arranged a Continuous Delivery seminar of our own, which attracted 20 top IT-management professionals from various well known Swedish enterprises. The seminar was a great success, with interesting presentations and good discussions among the attendees.

The next upcoming event where we will be presenting is the first edition of the Continuous Delivery Conference in Bussum, Netherlands on December 4th. Andreas Rehn will present “From dinosaur to unicorn in 12 months: how to push continuous delivery maturity to the next level”.

Past events where we have been presenting lately, together with video recording or presentation material:

  • Agile CM, by Marcus Philip on June 5th at Agile Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden. Video recording (in swedish).
  • Automated Integration Testing in Java using Arquillian, by Tommy Tynjä on June 19th at Test Automation Day, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Presentation material.
  • Building a Service Delivery Platform, by Andreas Rehn on August 22nd at Jenkins CI User Event, Copenhagen, Denmark. Presentation material.
  • If you plan to attend a conference where we’re speaking or just attending, come by and say hi! We look forward talking to you!