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Our team is comprised of over 30 consultants averaging 14 years experience in software development, quality assurance, and/or IT consulting. Take a look below to see the background, experience, and specialisations of each Diabol team member!
Peter Ferm

CEO & Founder

-Founded Diabol AB in in 2003
-Partner and member of the Management Team
-20+ years of industry experience
-Enjoys surfing, skiing, and cycling

Andreas Rehn

Senior Consultant & Business Developer

-Partner and Senior Continuous Delivery Consultant
-18+ years of experience from many different roles within IT and software development
-Agile, Lean, DevOps and Continuous Delivery evangelist
-Process expert, coach, and leader of several successful continuous delivery transformations
-Author of articles and appreciated speaker at international conferences
-Open source advocate, contributor, and organizer of community meetup
-Loves traveling, playing music and martial arts

Patrik Boström

CTO & Senior Consultant

-Diabol Partner and Co-Founder
-Member of the Management Team
-18 years experience in IT consulting

Tommy Tynjä

Team Manager & Consultant

- Member of the Management Team
- 10+ years of experience developing systems on the Java platform
- Speaker at international software conferences
- Open source advocate and contributor
- Sports guy and globetrotter. Ice hockey, golf, running, cycling and occasional kiteboarding

David Torssell

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-Advocates speed and quality as non exclusive business enablers.
-Specializes in test automation and agile quality assurance coaching.
-Has worked with systems ranging from the far backend of telecom networks to end consumer products with millions of users, from specialized in-house tools to enterprise level solutions.
-Likes well cooked food, groovy music and games with friends.

Dennis Granath

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-Specialises within infrastructure automation (cloud/on-premise), continuous delivery (all aspects) and Java Development.
-Generalist that enjoys working beyond his comfort zone.
-Likes action sports like skiing and windsurfing. One of his greatest interests is music (he used to be a rockstar back in the days touring all over the world).

Fredrik Wiklander

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-Has been a .Net engineer since v1.0 was introduced in 2002
-Avid test automation spokesman
-Bringing Continuous Delivery to .Net teams since 2012
-Likes to travel when not automating his home or working on the autonomous robot

Jani Koljonen

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-9+ years experience in systems development
-MSc in Electric Engineering from Umeå University
-Specialises in gaming industry applications
-Jenkins Wizard

Jesper Pettersson

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-10+ years experience in systems engineering
-15+ industry related certifications
-Specialises in database design and architecture

Caroline Ilis

Management Consultant

-Management Consultant and Business Developer
-Management Consultant background in Strategy Execution, Operational Excellence and Lean
-Expertise: Data-Driven Business Transformation, Change Management, Business Process Management
-Pragmatic cultural enthusiast. Classical music, literature and art.

Kjell Tillstrand

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-Advocate of DevOps & Continuous delivery culture.
-15+ years of experience developing systems on the Java platform
-10+ years of experience in business development.
-Thrive in big complex organizations spreading knowledge and organizing teams.

Marcus Philip

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-10+ years experience of with software development
-Working with introducing continuous delivery, devops and other agile methods since 2013
-Worked as developer, architect, scrum master, team lead, configuration manager, change lead, CD/DevOps-tools expert
-Substantial international work experience
-Team player and a curious problem solver
-Passionate about software delivery
-Certified AWS Solution Architect
-Loves to play underwater rugby and to mountainbike

Michael Stewart

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-12+ years experience in system development
-Physics and CS degree from Memorial University, Newfoundland
-International music sensation

Nelson Alvarado

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-17+ years experience in systems engineering
-MSc in Computer Science from KTH
-Specialises in Atlasssian Tools- certified JIRA admin
-Cycling enthusiast

Olof Fryksén

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-10+ years with System Operations and Engineering
-7+ years with Development and Tooling
-Not a programmer, but a programmer
-Security and Cryptography geek
-Open Source advocate and avid Linux user
-Gamer, film & TV buff, musician and stout enthusiast

Sebastian Schmidt

DevOps Team Lead

-8 years experience with Operations as Linux sysadmin and Devops
-6 years experience in the FinTech industry
-Experience as leade for small agile DevOps teams
-Passionate about designing, automating and building infrastructure
-Trail-runner, Sci-fi reader, Snowboarder, beer enthusiast, Level 500+ in Tibia

Pontus Bergöö

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-Agile leader and coach
-Works hard to bring out the best of technology as well as organizations and people
-More than 10 years of agile software development
-A doer that focuses on connecting people to solve problems
-Prominent choir singer

Peter Bengtson

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-Certified AWS Associate Solutions Architect, SysOps Admin, and Developer
-Certified AWS Professional DevOps Engineer
-20+ years technical experience
-Ruby on rails expert

Rickard von Essen

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-10 years experience in software development
-AWS Certified SysOps Associate
-Certified Scrum Master
-Specialties: Continuous Delivery, cloud engineering, agile methodologies, craftsmanship, change management

Robert Dahlström

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-16 years software development experience
-.NET specialist
-Experience in the tools chain for software development (especially java build tools such as maven/ant/ivy) as well as Continuous Integration with Jenkins and how to manage software deliveries in a fast moving company

Svante Lidman

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-30+ years experience of software development on different platforms
-20+ years experience of coaching and team leadership
-Published writer and international speaker
-Avid technology learner and tinkerer
-Father of five, bad golfer and occasional backhoe-loader operator

Svante Paldan

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-10+ years experience in software development and configuration management
-Passionate team leader and coach
-Certified Scrum Master
-AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Thomas Rutkowski

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-15 years software development experience
-Multi-skilled, multi-lingual troubleshooter with an agile approach
-Passionate about It-security, transparency and redundancy in depth
-Enjoys rock climbing and kayaking

Tonni Hult

Continuous Delivery Consultant

- 10+ years experience in systems development
- 5+ years experience in banking industry
- Specialises in .Net and TFS
- Extensive experience in CI, version control, deployment and monitoring
- ITIL certified

Alexandra Evans

Office Manager

-Works with administration/HR
-Organizes different events for Diabol
-Studying at IHM Business School
-Loves trivial facts

James Daltas

Manager, Sales & Marketing

-Born and raised in Seattle, WA
-Member of Diabol Management team
-Responsible for all things marketing and sales related
-Working with local partners to deliver added value to Diabol customers
-Wine connoisseur and enthusiast

Pierre Lemerle

Continuous Delivery Consultant

-MSc in CS from Clermont (France) University
-7+ years experience in systems development
-Agile Expert as a Developer, Scrum Master and PO
-Passionate about DevOps & Continuous delivery culture
-Team player, former professional athlete
-Ambitious and competitive, rubik’s cube champion

Linn Axelsson

Financial Accountant

-Works with Diabol finance/economy and administration
-Studying at Södertörns Högskola
-Interested in anything sports related

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