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2013-12-03 PATRIK BOSTRÖM 

In Continuous Delivery visualisation is one of the most important areas. When using Jenkins as a build server it is now possible with the Delivery Pipeline Plugin to visualise one or more delivery pipelines in the same view even in full screen. Perfect for information radiators.

The plugin uses the upstream/downstream dependencies of jobs to visualize the pipelines.

Fullscreen View
Work View

A pipeline consists of several stages, usually one stage will be the same as one job in Jenkins. An example of a pipeline which can consist of both build, unit test, packaging and analyses the pipeline can be quite long if every Jenkins job is a stage. So in the Delivery Pipeline Plugin it is possible to group jobs into the same stage, calling the Jenkins jobs tasks instead.





The version showed in the header is the version/display name of the first Jenkins job in the pipeline, so the first job has to define the version.

The plugin also has possibility to show what we call a Aggregated View which shows the latest execution of every stage and displays the version for that stage.