CloudBees is the company behind Jenkins, the widely-adopted continuous delivery (CD) platform for DevOps. The company offers its product in two editions: CloudBees Jenkins Team and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise.

CloudBees Jenkins Team offers verified distribution of Jenkins, consisting of the Jenkins core and a selected series of curated integrations providing stability and interoperability.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise offers all the features of CloudBees Jenkins Team, and additional enterprise features for increased security, scalability and performance.

Diabol & Cloudbees

Diabol specializes in streamlining development and release processes based on the principles of Agile, Lean and Continuous Delivery. As a CloudBees partner, Diabol is also specialized in Jenkins Team and Enterprise. We have deep knowledge and long experience on how to set up, configure, and integrate Jenkins for best result in many scenarios, especially for building delivery pipelines.

We have also developed the popular Delivery Pipeline Plugin, which visualizes a Continuous Delivery Pipeline in Jenkins. To learn more, visit our Github page located here.

Jenkins services

As a certified CloudBees partner, our customers can take advantage of the following services when purchasing CloudBees license from Diabol:

  • Jenkins setup assessment
  • Workshops and inspiration talks
  • Customized training and enablement
  • Implementation and maintenance of continuous delivery pipelines
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