Cloud Partners


Moving to the cloud is a complex process that requires a great level of technical expertise and a deep understanding of the many nuances of each infrastructure-as-a-service provider.

We provide the required expertise to help your organization identify, develop, and implement the appropriate migration strategy to fit your business needs.

From evaluating vendors to optmizing current deployments in the cloud, Diabol is prepared to help you get the most from your cloud infrastructure.

Service Offerings

Evaluate: Considering the cloud?

On-site workshop with Diabol cloud experts to assess your organization’s readiness to move your on-premise workloads to the cloud.

  • IaaS recommendation
  • Requirements analysis
  • Strategy and roadmap
  • ROI Calculation

Migrate: Moving workloads to the cloud

Ensure the success of your migration by utilizing Diabol cloud consultants. Our team will help you assess, define, and design a comprehensive plan to migrate data, services, and applications from your current installation to the cloud.

Support: Get access to the experts

Subscribe to customized support plan to fit your business needs. We will monitor your AWS environment and alert you of any issues or potential threats so you can confidently manage your cloud. Our support plans will also include cost optimization and access to our cloud consultants for on-demand troubleshooting.

Architecture: ensure a secure and optimized deployment

Optimizing your architecture is the fastest way to see ROI from a cloud deployment. Simply moving to the cloud is the first step, but to fully take advantage of all the unique features and services requires a great deal of expertise. Our team can apply their vast and diverse experience to structure your architecture in the most efficient way possible.

Billing: custom invoicing and account management

Sometimes finding the appropriate way to manage the costs of cloud can be difficult. Traditional procurement practices aren’t typically aligned to the way cloud provides bill their customers. Diabol custom invoicing allows your business to treat your cloud bill like any other cost to the business. We can also help with the following:

  • Budgeting and analysis
  • Cost optimization
  • Account management
  • Forecasting

Diabol Managed Cloud Service

Take full advantage of Diabol support, architecture, and custom billing services by subscribing to Diabol Managed Cloud Service. With this service, your business can focus on delivering value to your customers without having to deal with the complexities of cloud infrastructure management.


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