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Many companies are considering moving off from Atlassian cloud instance to a self hosted (on-premise), or hiring a third party hosting service. Here are some pros and cons (for and against) that you and your company should consider:

Pros (on-premise):

  • Customization in the source code
  • Access to the entire Atlassian Plugins management library
  • Don’t need to force the application upgrade
  • Access to the log files
  • Access to the DB
  • Potential cost savings from the licensing fees
  • Restrict the network access (e.g: host JIRA in a server only accessible to your company using a VPN)
  • Commercial and Academic licenses give you another developer license where you can use in a second instance (Usually for non-production where you can replicate your production instance and run some tests related to new features, plugins, upgrade…)
  • Use your domain name
  • No storage limit
  • LDAP
  • Cons:

  • Concern about a self- or CA signed certificate (probably you want to enforce SSL)
  • Server administration (Including the allocated resources)
  • Upgrade plan
  • Maintaining your own infrastructure
  • Reliability (If your production instance goes down?)
  • However, as a best solution in order to you figure out what would better fit your company needs, I’d advise you to generate an evaluation license ( and give a try in a test server (Importing your Cloud data) to see if it will better fulfill your final goal. Instruction to do that can be found here.

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