Employee Benefits


Other than working with some of the coolest people and client’s in Stockholm, you’ll also get to take advantage of all the perks and benefits listed below. Here we have a short film from our most recent company conference trip to Lake Como, Italy:

Diabol consultants take conference trip to Lake Como, Italy.

Annual Conference Trips

Every six months or so we like to spend some time away from the office and refresh with some new scenery. These trips allow team members to get know each other, bond over outdoor activities, and share ideas. Previous trips we have taken: surfing in Biarritz, skiing Swiss Alps, sailing in Croatia, canyoning and hiking in Lake Como, and many others!

Education Budget

Diabol values personal growth in all of the employees. Each year every person at Diabol has an allocated budget to spend on various forms of work related education.

Wellness Budget

An annual budget to help promote the health of all employees. This can be used for a gym membership or other costs associated with fitness and exercise.

Top Technology

When joining the team, you will have the option to select your favorite hardware for the job. This can include the newest Macbook Pro or iPhone – or something similar of your choosing.

Other Perks

On top of the items listed above, everyone at Diabol will enjoy a competitive salary, pension, accident insurance, paid time off, and a budget to attend industry conferences.

We Are Hiring!


Atlassian Tools Engineer

Diabol is a thought leader in Continuous Delivery and DevOps. Our experiences consultants have diverse skills and together we deliver unique service to our customers. Consulting for Diabol is not just programming, testing, automating or coaching. We cover all aspects of software delivery. We walk the extra mile and build lean delivery systems that timely and reliably outputs quality software that ultimately leads to happy customers! By this, we enable the business to excel with motivated and happy co-workers.

Join our Atlassian team

We are currently expanding our knowledge surrounding Atlassian products and are looking for you those who have experience from implementation of Atlassian products. This is an opportunity for you to improve your level of expertise on the Atlassian products, but also to expand in the area of software development and continuous delivery. Starting from our office, located centrally at Östermalmstorg, you will be part of the team that provides services to our customers in the Stockholm area.

If this sounds exciting, keep reading!

We know software can only be created by great and passionate engineers. We give you the opportunity to see a variety of industries both locally and abroad, face a variety of problems and be at the heart of the problem solving and the cutting edge of technology while fulfilling the customers needs.

We want to give you the possibility to grow as a professional both within the Atlassian area but also to get a broader knowledge and experience of software development. We encourage our team get certified in AWS, Google Cloud, and Atlassian.

Passion and technical excellence has made us what we are today and will continue to be our drive for tomorrow!

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