We Are Hiring!


We are always interested in meeting qualified candidates with a passion for continuous delivery and/or devops. Please navigate to our career site to learn more about what its like to work at Diabol and some of our open opportunities!

>> Diabol Career Site

Due to our fast growth and strong financials over the past four years, the Dagens Industri has recognized Diabol as a Gasell for the fiscal year 2017. We are very pleased for this recognition and will work hard to earn a second Gasell in 2018!


Company Benefits


Annual Conference Trips

Every six months or so we like to spend some time away from the office and refresh with some new scenery. These trips allow team members to get know each other, bond over outdoor activities, and share ideas. Previous trips we have taken: surfing in Biarritz, skiing Swiss Alps, sailing in Croatia, canyoning and hiking in Lake Como, and many others!

Education Budget

Diabol values personal growth in all of the employees. Each year every person at Diabol has an allocated budget to spend on various forms of work related education.

Wellness Budget

An annual budget to help promote the health of all employees. This can be used for a gym membership or other costs associated with fitness and exercise.

Top Technology

When joining the team, you will have the option to select your favorite hardware for the job. This can include the newest Macbook Pro or iPhone – or something similar of your choosing.

Other Perks

On top of the items listed above, everyone at Diabol will enjoy a competitive salary, pension, accident insurance, paid time off, and a budget to attend industry conferences.

What to expect when applying to Diabol

Our Evaluation Process

For details on the Diabol candidate evaluation process, please see the notes below. This is a standard process, some details may differ depending on which type of position you have applied for.

Introductory Interview
A one-hour interview with Diabol CEO or Team Manager to provide some context and details to your work history in your CV and career aspirations. You will also get the opportunity to learn more about Diabol and ask questions about our company history, mission and client approach.

Self Assessment
An online questionnaire to be completed and submitted prior to moving on to the second interview in the candidate process. This interview will provide us details on various different competencies to see how you would compliment to our current team. This questionnaire will be submitted to the recruitment team and will not be shared with any third parties.

Second Interview
In the second interview you will be given a case study, and asked to whiteboard your thought process and solution. It is in this exercise that we plan to gauge your skills and experienced related to methodologies like agile, devops and continuous delivery.

Take Home Assignment
Depending on which role you have applied for, there is a possibility for a take home assignment following the second interview. Details on this assignment will be made clear at the end of interview number two, and it is expected to be completed prior to the final interview.

Final Interview
A one to two hour deep dive interview with two senior consultants. This final interview is the best opportunity to show off your skills in your specific area of expertise, e.g. coding exercise for developers, organisational challenge for coaches/change managers, etc.

Following the third interview, the recruiting team with convene and share notes about the outcomes from each step in the process. It is our goal to give a decision to the candidate within seven days of the final interview.

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