How to use Delivery Pipeline Plugin with Jenkins pipelines

By Tommy Tynjä


Since we’ve just released support for Jenkins pipelines in the Delivery Pipeline plugin (you can read more about it here), this article aims to describe how to use the Delivery Pipeline plugin from your Jenkins pipelines.

First, you need to have a Jenkins pipeline or a multibranch pipeline. Here is an example configuration:

node {
    stage 'Commit stage' {
         echo 'Compiling'
         sleep 2

         echo 'Running unit tests'
         sleep 2

   stage 'Test'
   echo 'Running component tests'
   sleep 2

   stage 'Deploy' {
       echo 'Deploy to environment'
       sleep 2

You can either group your stages with or without curly braces as shown in the example above, depending on which versions you use of the Pipeline plugin. The stages in the pipeline configuration are used for the visualization in the Delivery Pipeline views.

To create a new view, press the + tab on the Jenkins landing page as shown below.
Jenkins landing page.

Give your view a new and select “Delivery Pipeline View for Jenkins Pipelines”.
Create new view.

Configure the view according to your needs, and specify which pipeline project to visualize.
Configure view.

Now your view has been created!
Delivery Pipeline view created.

If you selected the option to “Enable start of new pipeline build”, you can trigger a new pipeline run by clicking the build button to the right of the pipeline name. Otherwise you can navigate to your pipeline and start it from there. Now you will see how the Delivery Pipeline plugin renders your pipeline run! Since the view is not able to evaluate the pipeline in advance, the pipeline will be rendered according to the progress of the current run.
Jenkins pipeline run in the Delivery Pipeline view.

If you prefer to model each stage in a more fine grained fashion you can specify tasks for each stage. Example:

node {
  stage 'Build'
  task 'Compile'
  echo 'Compiling'
  sleep 1   task 'Unit test'   sleep 1   stage 'Test'   task 'Component tests'   echo 'Running component tests'   sleep 1   task 'Integration tests'   echo 'Running component tests'   sleep 1   stage 'Deploy'   task 'Deploy to UAT'   echo 'Deploy to UAT environment'   sleep 1   task 'Deploy to production'
  echo 'Deploy to production'
  sleep 1

Which will render the following pipeline view:
Jenkins pipeline run in the Deliveyr Pipeline view.

The pipeline view also supports a full screen view, optimized for visualization on information radiators:
Delivery Pipeline view in full screen mode.

That’s it!

If you are making use of Jenkins pipelines, we hope that you will give the Delivery Pipeline plugin a spin!

To continue to drive adoption and development of the Delivery Pipeline plugin, we rely on feedback and contributions from our users. For more information about the project and how to contribute, please visit the project page on GitHub:

We use the official Jenkins JIRA to track issues, using the component label “delivery-pipeline-plugin”:


Tommy Tynjä

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