About Us

We entered the world of disruption and embraced the challenge. We began our business by supporting companies that employ software development in order to enable giant leaps in their industries.

From these experiences, realized the need to build a complete team that spanned across multiple disciplines – one that would delivery long-term success by challenging and disrupting standard ways of conducting business.

That is who we are today.


A software development methodology by which code can be deployed confidently to production at any time in an automated fashion.

Continuous delivery

An extension of Continuous Delivery where there are no manual steps or sign-offs in the delivery pipeline. Each code change that successfully passes build, automated tests are deployment to all target environments including production

Continuous deployment

An automated, fast and reliable practice where all developers’ code changes are merged into a shared mainline to ensure that the current software is working.

Continuous integration

A company culture where everyone takes ownership and work together to take in all aspects of software development and operability to create quality software and customer experience.


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