About Us

We put systems into business

Diabol was founded in 2003 with a vision that the process of system development could be improved. What started as a small team of expert Java over ten years ago, Diabol has evolved in a highly specialized group of over 30 Continuous Delivery consultants.

Our method/aproach

Diabol offers support for businesses in all industries to engage in what we call Modern System Development. Diabol converts organic business opportunities for structure and engineering, and the goal is to quickly and effectively turn creative ideas into concrete changes in operational systems.

Lean & Agile –
fast delivery

Diabol has a holistic approach to systems development. We know the difficulties and are passionate about making the process easier. We take the concepts of Lean & Agile and develop an end-to-end pipeline to help your business improve time to market and deliver innovation.

clients speak

We have worked with many of Sweden's top companies across all industries, check out what they have to say about our consulting services.

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