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2017-10-04 CAROLINE ILIS 

Gap Of Khowledge

When I joined Diabol in May 2017 my knowledge of IT was quite limited. My background as a management consultant had made me view IT as a support system, which purpose was to enhance and facilitate the value creating processes within the organisation. However, a few years back, the rise of IoT, the smart connected home and the hype of big-data, made me curious about how IT would change the world and transform the way we make business. One thing was clear, we were inevitably heading towards a more connected and digitalised world at a raging speed.

My first step into the tech-world was through the start-up scene (I even joined a SaaS start-up) and now I am at Diabol, an IT-consultancy firm who focus on reinventing software development using Continuous Delivery and Lean principles. That might sound like a bit of a leap, but in reality, it was the logical next step, as the next step at Diabol is to combine IT and management, and bridge business and technology.

As a consultant, my expertise was Operational Excellence, optimising the organisation’s processes and workflows. It could be anything from digitalise processes to visualise workflows, but one thing all projects had in common was the challenge to align IT with the overall goal. In the end, we always ended up working around IT, because IT always lacked resources and time. That concerned me, as from the start-up scene I knew that, within IT lay a huge untapped potential and becoming digital is the only way forward.

A question I remember asking myself back then was: What if we could connect all IT-systems and visualise the information needed for the moment on a dashboard. And through that simple user interface, being able to act, make decisions and real-time changes, which would be automatically updated into the background systems.

I knew it was possible to create such system back then, but I also knew that it would never happen. Investing heavily in IT was, and still is, considered to be a risk. At a hypothetical level, everyone agree that companies must become digital and adopt new technologies to survive and excel in the digital era. However, over the years I’ve seen how many organisations struggle to begin their digital journey. For every day that passes, they’re getting further and further behind the digital innovators. At Diabol, we believe the reason is a gap of knowledge between IT and management, and we will focus on bridging that gap. Because without IT at the core of the business, incumbents will go down, while data-driven companies will rise and continue to innovate the marketplace.

During the autumn, I’ll continue to write and address what we at Diabol, together with clients and partners, have discovered. I will share our thoughts about how IT and management must learn from each other, to succeed to become digital and how it is possible to build an organisation that has the ability to untap the potential that lies within data.

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