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We make sure our clients can deliver high quality software whenever their business needs it. Our experienced team regard all aspects of software development, from culture and processes to development and tools, ensuring short time-to-market and continuous innovation.
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Diabol was founded in 2003 with a vision that the process of systems development could be improved. What started as a small team of Java experts over ten years ago, Diabol has evolved in to a highly specialized group of over 30 Continuous Delivery consultants.


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Our team in prepared to help your company on its way to Continuous Delivery by leveraging our various competencies: cloud, pipeline automation, change management, software development, lean & agile practices, and open source tooling. From pre-study evaluations to a complete overhaul of the delivery pipeline.


migration, architecture, maintenance, and billing

Continuous Delivery

release new functionality as the business demands

Change Management

taking the appropriate steps to improvement

Software Development

helping your team get stuff done


enabling your team to be prepared for constant change

Open Source

get the most use out of the latest technologies

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We know innovation requires a combination of talented engineering and a leadership mindset. Our goal is to form an atmosphere encourages creativity and fosters an atmosphere of collaboration between individuals with various specializations and experiences.

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We have worked with many of Sweden's top companies across all industries, check out what they have to say about our consulting services.

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