We are not just consultants. Through our diverse experiences serving some of the world’s most recognized brands, we have discovered different ways of enabling change and innovation outside consulting hours. Our solutions are designed for those who are ready to hit the ground running.


Introducing Delivery Pipelines as a Service

Banzai is a fully integrated delivery pipeline platform that enables software teams the ability to easily deliver code to production in an automated, maintenance free fashion.

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Continuous Delivery Transformation

Our team of experts can take a wholistic approach at your business to help you get started with Continuous Delivery as quickly as possible. Our CD Transformation kickstart package starts with a 2 hour assessment workshop, to book use the link below:

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Continuous Delivery

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Managed Atlassian Service

We want to help our clients get the most from their investment in Atlassian solutions. Our managed Atlassian service provides the flexibility and scalability of the cloud for a high performing, low maintenance solution.

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Managed Cloud Service

Moving to the cloud has never been easier. Our managed cloud service enables your team to take advantage of all the benefits of moving away from your on-premise infrastructure without the burden of managing and supporting this new service.

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