”We put the systems in business!”
What does this mean?

Diabol are specialists in Modern System Development. With our business focus, we transform your business demands towards cost-effective customized IT systems. With our technical expertise and with regard to culture, processes and tools, we deliver expertise and business value to our clients. We have packaged our expertise in three different products.

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”Fast and cost-effective development process with a focus on business value.”

Competencies in Modern Systems Development

In most organizations, there are periods when you need to turn up the volume to get through intense periods of their product cycle. Diabol offers deep expertise in business architecture, Java / Java EE-programming / architecture, Lean and Agile coaches, automatated testing, delivery pipelines, continuous integration, and data center automation. Diabol strives to work closely with our clients as advisors to how our expertise can provide the best results.

Continuous Delivery

Few things are as positive for a company's force of innovation as when an internal IT department really keeps up when product offerings and services needs to change. With Diabols specialist we help our customers to remove excess tasks and thereby reduce friction in both the system development process and in the system itself. Friction Elimination is implemented as a business development project with the mapping of the current situation, development of strategy for the future and a detailed implementation plan - while closely measuring the progress. The result is a well-oiled support to the organization that will provide highly efficient development where time can be focused on what is important - to deliver. We can show quick improvements in terms of efficiency in the range of a 15-60% increase when we look at the whole development chain.

Diabol Team Concept

Our finished, close-knit team is hand picked and assembled for optimal performance in demanding situations. They provide effective help in complex projects where the goal is to deliver complete system solutions. The teams follow Diabol's approach and work with the latest technology. The team has an arsenal of tools, methods and processes in order to build exceptional software in an optimal way. For example, the teams improve the company's architecture / system or support the existing IT organization through focused assignments.

Diabol is an IT services company focused on modern systems development. With our technical expertise and taking into account the culture, processes and tools, we deliver knowledge that provides business value to our customers.

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