Modern system development
- business and IT in harmony

See the big picture

Decisions on refining your system starts in the business. Through constant feedback from IT to the business processing system, it is constantly improving.

Shorter time-to-market

With Modern System development and automation investment of cost is moved to bug fixing and build quality, and risk during releases is decreased as the frequency and stability increases.

Simply, fast process

Our system development process has low friction and changes are introduced with high quality. This gives continuous improvement in the production system.

Controlled flow of change

Everything in the process goes through a product owner, and all changes follow the same flow. This means that changes are communicated with priority based on customer benefit in a defined channel of the system development process.

Create condition

The business side of the system is characterized by modeling and enterprise architecture. This translates ideas into the system, and makes the engineering more organic.

Our Mission

We focus on freedom of movement and a flexible technical skillset to create the strength to grow into a market leader.

Our method

Diabol offers support for businesses in all industries to engage in what we call Modern System Development. Diabol converts organic business opportunities for structure and engineering, and the goal is to quickly and effectively turn creative ideas into concrete changes in operational systems. Changes are introduced with high quality, low cost, and without building any technical debt. The vision it to show the points of attack we use to build a modern development environment. We have the experience, expertise and tools to help our customers in these areas, but we also use the same approach to refine our own delivery capacity.

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Lean & Agile - fast delivery

Diabol has a holistic approach to systems development. We know the difficulties and are passionate about making the process easier. We zero in on Lean and Agile development, but from experience, we know that it is important to have a broad view and work with constant improvement of culture, process, tools, and systems. Everything we do is to create a quick delivery cycle and an effective business system that has a long life.

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Diabol is an IT services company focused on modern systems development. With our technical expertise and taking into account the culture, processes and tools, we deliver knowledge that provides business value to our customers.

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